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371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron increases reach, brings training to audience

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Cassandra Saphore
  • Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

Members of the 371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron Mobile Training Team (MTT) brought the new Special Operations Task Unit-192 course to a mission sustainment team assigned to Cannon Air Force Base last quarter.

Over the course of a month, 371st SOCTS executed two iterations of SOTU-192, training fifty Air Commandos for deployment. This specialized ground combat training included instruction in land navigation, combatives, practical weapons training, tactical combat casualty care, and active shooter/care under fire scenarios. Additionally, they covered Special Operations Task Group and Joint Task Force awareness in preparation for operations in each echelon’s respective future operating environment.

“The planning for this course, which started in November 2022, provided learning through realistic hands-on training and adaptive scenario-based exercises to reinforce learning,” said Colonel Robert Johnston, Air Commando Development Center-Provisional commander. “The training objectives are designed to sharpen their skills and encourage critical thinking to adapt to operations before the adversary can react.”

The 371st SOCTS, which falls under the ACDC-P, is the formal training unit responsible for conducting Programmed Ground Training of Air Force Special Operations Forces on behalf of all core-SOF and non-core SOF personnel.

The SOTU-192 is one of several formal training courses offered by 371st SOCTS that uses an attribute and scenario-based training model to deliver combat ready airmen who can think and operate in all domains.

“Our goal is to provide the training our Air Commandos need to operate competently and confidently,” said Johnston. “By bringing this training to Cannon, we’re developing empowered leaders with the skills to impose dilemmas for our adversaries and ultimately deliver the lethality needed to win.”

The mission of 371st SOCTS is to enable AFSOC Force Generation development by providing SOTU, Special Operations Task Group, Mission Sustainment Teams, and Theater Air Operations Squadron elements combat ready airmen who can think and operate in the air, land, and human domain. Contact the Air Commando Development Center for more information concerning Education, Training, and Experiential opportunities.