What Is the Spiritual Domain

The Spiritual Domain is designed to provide, connect, strengthen, and assess the spiritual fitness of individual and collective SOF. Spirituality supports human performance by fostering spiritual practices, spiritual resilience, character ethics, values and beliefs, meaning and purpose, and belonging. Spirituality is incredibly individualized and the Spiritual Domain provides support to all, regardless of belief. This domain focuses on both vertical spirituality (between an individual and a higher power) and horizontal spirituality (between an individual and their fellow humans). The Spiritual Domain is organized into LOEs across four priorities– provide spiritual support, connect to purpose and belonging, strengthen individual character, and assess spiritual fitness. 

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Attending to a person's spiritual or religious needs as he or she copes with illness, loss, grief or pain, help them heal emotionally as well as physically, and to rebuild relationships and regain a sense of spiritual wellbeing.

A religious accommodation is an adjustment to the work environment or practices that will allow an employee or applicant to practice his or her religion, including dietary preferences/restrictions, schedule management, medication, and more.

Chapel members that can provide, inform, support, or refer you to the needed providers for your religious and spiritual needs, such as counseling, worship, readings, and services.