492nd Special Operations Support Squadron

The 492nd Special Operations Support Squadron (492nd SOSS), located at Duke Field, Florida, is one of eleven squadrons within the 492nd Special Operations Wing (492 SOW). The squadron provides deployed and home station support functions to all units assigned to the 492nd Special Operation Group (492 SOG).


Conduct Medical Air Advising and operations support to Non-Standard Aviation, Combat Aviation Advisor and Irregular Warfare missions for the 492nd SOG. The 492 SOSS provides worldwide direct support to unified and theater commands in response to Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) taskings. They orchestrate the current operations, weapons & tactics, aircrew training, intelligence, communication, operational medicine, global health engagements and aircrew flight equipment for America's Irregular Warfare active duty special operations wing.


The 492nd SOSS history begins with its activation on May 10, 2017 at Duke Field, Florida. The unit was activated with the creation of AFSOC’s newest Wing and Group, the 492nd SOW and the 492nd SOG. The 492nd SOSS has since distinguished itself supporting AFSOC’s center of gravity for Non-Standard Aviation, Combat Aviation Advisor and Irregular Warfare missions.

The 492nd SOSS is responsible for supporting the needs of the Air Forces only active duty and reserve Combat Air Advisor and Non-Standard Aviation flying squadrons, a formal training squadron and for deploying personnel and equipment in order to provide worldwide support to four expeditionary special operations flying squadrons and one foreign internal defense squadron, employing AFSOC-unique aircraft. The personnel in the 492nd SOSS are a unique blend of career fields including pilots, combat system operators, special mission aviators, life support, intelligence, personnel, Special Operations Medical fields and survival, evasion, resistance, and escape specialists.

The 492nd SOSS directs operations of seven unique flights and is the only operational support squadron in the Air Force task with an operational mission. It oversees contingency and exercise air operations support for state-of-the-art intelligence, medical, and mission support equipment. The 492 SOSS conducts long term flying scheduling for AFSOC’s largest flying hour program, C2s the 492nd and 919th SOW Total Force Integration (TFI) flying operations, supports aircrew flight equipment (AFE) for three dissimilar aircraft, four flying squadrons, two detachments and four deployed locations. Additionally, it coordinates all group level training functions, provides intelligence support to units across all six Geographic Commandant Commands in 85 countries, leads the Command’s HUMINT reporting, develops tactics, techniques and procedures tailored to the 492nd SOG’s mission, ensures SOG Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape needs are met, provides acute medical care and acts as a medical security cooperation tool for GCCs to accomplish theater campaign plan objectives and achieve strategic end states in support of U.S. interests.

The 492nd SOSS maintains an operationally ready focus and is prepared to support the 492nd SOG’s responsive to any real world threat "Any Time, Any Place."


The 492nd Special Operations Support Squadron was activated on May 10, 2017.


492nd Special Operations Wing, May 10, 2017 – Present


Duke Field, Florida, May 10, 2017 – Present.


Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations.  Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel.  Black symbolizes the night, the time when Air Force Special Operations Command conducts its operations.  The lightning bolts allude to the unit’s rapid response mission to employ forces anywhere around the world.  They further signify the unit’s responsibility to provide command and control, planning, communications, intelligence and medical support in maintenance of AF Special Operations Forces.  The eight-pointed star denotes the commitment to uphold the proud heritage of the Carpetbagger unit.  The dagger reflects the unit’s pursuit of excellence and commitment to uphold the proud heritage of Air Commandos.  The helmet and Titan moniker is derived from the definition of the word Titan as, “one that stands out for greatness of achievement.”