492nd SOTRG Det 1

Established in June of 2013, the 492nd Special Operations Training Group Det 1 is the formal training unit for the C-145A Skytruck, C-146A Wolfhound, and the AC-208 Caravan, flown by 4 active duty and reserve squadrons based at Duke Field, FL.

The 492nd SOTRG Det 1 is based at Duke Field, FL and is responsible for the training and formal education of Air Force Special Operations Forces in multiple mission sets to include, Airland, Airdrop, Night Vision Goggle infiltration and exfiltration, Non-standard aviation program, Intelligence Surveillance, and Reconnaissance and Adaptive Precision Strike programs in support of Combat Aviation Advisors. 

Lastly, but not least, the 492nd SOTRG Det 1 is the lead for AFSOC’s Aviation Foreign Internal Defense program conducting training with our partnered forces worldwide. 

Vision: AFSOC’s leading edge…ensuring the relevance of specialized airpower to future conflict through unparalleled training, professional education, and technological innovation.‚Äč

Mission: Develop current and future Air Commandos to deliver the world’s premier special air warfare capabilities in support of global special operations forces.


Shape Air Commandos through training, education and professional development to build a more ready, lethal, adaptive and resilient force.

Personnel and Resources:

The 492nd SOTRG Det 1 has nearly 40 active duty, reserve, civil servant and contract employees. Additionally, the Det operates the C-145A Skytruck, C-146A Wolfhound, and the AC-208 Caravan.


The 492nd SOTRG Det 1 is comprised of 3 separate core Flights of instructors supporting each of the 3 formal training pipelines. 

Lastly, the 492nd SOTRG Det 1 operates under the Total Force Integration (TFI) concept as strengths of the active duty Air Force, the U.S. Air Force Reserve, Department of Defense civilians and contract personnel form an integrated training and education team dedicated to Forging Air Commandos. The following USAFR units operate under the TFI concept with the 492nd SOW:

-5th Special Operations Squadron, unit from the 919th SOW, Hurlburt Field, Fla.
-919th Special Operations Support Squadron, unit from 919th SOW, Duke Field, Fla.