371st SOCTS

Established in August of 2010, the 371st Special Operations Combat Training Squadron is aligned under the 492nd Special Operation Training Group/Air Commando Development Center (Provisional). The 371st SOCTS is based at Hurlburt Field, Florida with a detachment located at Choctaw Naval Outlying Field, Florida.

The 371st SOCTS is the Formal Training Unit responsible for conducting specialized combat training of Air Force Special Operations Forces on behalf of Air Force Special Operations Command. This formal training includes various Field Skills Courses, Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element (DAGRE) Mission Qualification Training, Special Operations Forces (SOF) Processing Exploitation and Dissemination, SOF Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Tactical Controller, and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems training.

The 371st SOCTS provides training to over 1,100 students per year for AFSOC and select Joint partners across the Department of Defense.


AFSOC's Center of Excellence for Specialized Combat Training.  A world-class training unit characterized by professionalism and safety.


Enable AFSOF FORGEN development by providing Special Operations Task Group, Special Operations Task Unit, Mission Support Teams and Theater Air Operations Squadron elements combat ready airmen who can think and operate in the air, land, and human domain.


  • Professional Instructors with Real-World Experience
  • Learning Through Realistic Hands-on Training
  • Adaptive Scenario Based Exercises to Reinforce Learning

Personnel and Resources

The 371st SOCTS has over 90 active duty, civil service, and contract employees


The 371st SOCTS is organized into three flights and one detachment.

- Combat Training Support Flight, Hurlburt Field, Fla.

- Field Skills Training Flight, Hurlburt Field, Fla.

- Intelligence Formal Training Flight, Hurlburt Field, Fla.

- Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, Detachment 1, Choctaw Naval Outlying Field, Fla.

Point of Contact

371st SOCTS Executive Officer

649 Redhorse Road Building 90620, Hurlburt Field, Fla., 32544-5312



Current as of 20 September 2023