The USAF Special Operations School (USAFSOS) is reopening its course offerings for the AFSOC Enterprise starting 1 Jun 20.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USAFSOS has redesigned its curriculum and methods of delivery.  USAFSOS now offers Remote Learning, On-Demand, and select Face-to-Face courses concentrating on indoctrination and pre-deployment requirements.

Students MUST come to all face-to-face classes with masks or face coverings.  If students do not comply/arrive on Day 1 class start with masks or face coverings, they will be denied attendance to courses.


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The USAF Special Operations School is the product of a 50-year evolutionary process. The process began in March 1961 when President John F. Kennedy, responding to Chairman Nikita S. Khruschev's clarion call for "wars of national liberation," cited the need for countering "subversion and guerilla warfare" that were the heart of Communist insurgency.  As a result, the Air Force increased the emphasis given to special air warfare training.  Read More


Mission: Execute operational Military education to forge Air Commandos ready to lead multi-national and joint teams across the spectrum of multi-domain operations during peace and wartime.

Vision: The USAF & SOCOM preeminent educational center of excellence for Airpower in Irregular Warfare, Leadership, regional, and cultural studies.

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