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492nd Special Operations Advanced Capabilities Squadron

The 492nd Special Operations Advanced Capabilities Squadron, 492nd Special Operations Training Group, 492nd Special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field, Florida, was established in 2017. While the majority of its members are assigned to Hurlburt Field, the 492 SOACS has Airmen located at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, Royal Air Force Mildenhall, United Kingdom, and Kadena Air Base, Japan.

The origins of the 492 SOACS date back to 2004, where the increased demand for worldwide C2, generated by operation ENDURING FREEDOM, resulted in the stand up of Digital Dagger. Digital dagger began as a small group of deployable government civilian Mission Information Managers who would train, support, and deploy as the Command's experts in all things C2. Soon after the decision was made to expand Digital Dagger's footprint to three additional global operating locations in addition to their deployed areas of responsibility. Over the years, Digital Dagger has moved under numerous command structures and slowly grown into the multifaceted squadron it is today.

The 492nd SOACS is responsible for the operation and maintenance of AFSOC's datalink-enabled Command and Control (C2) mission systems, deployable airborne and ground-based datalink systems, and the SOF-peculiar network infrastructure enabling these systems.

Additionally, the 492nd SOACS is the focal point of AFSOC' Enterprise Network Operations, Cyber Security Operations, and Defensive Cyber Operations, representing AFSOC to SOCOM as the Component Network Control Center, and to AFCYBER as the MAJCOM Communications Coordination Center.

Furthermore, the 492ns SOACS conducts Development and Integration efforts for AFSOC, executing software development, cloud-based application hosting, proof-of concept materiel solutions, engineering support for risk reduction, and low-volume production for platform integration.

Finally, the 492nd SOACS's corps of highly-deployed Mission Information Managers specialize in the configuration and utilization of Command and Control applications, creating an in-garrison and deployed Common Operating Picture (COP) for SOF C2 nodes.


Build and sustain mission-critical systems for SOF Airmen...deliver new capabilities for the warfighter while enabling seamless C2 and interoperability for the next generation


Provide rapid development, engineering, and sustainment of cyberspace and missions systems in order to meet mission-critical warfighting needs aboard aircraft, in-garrison, and at theater special operations nodes for multi-domain SOF operations.


Shape: develop resilient leaders that can shape AFSOC's cyberspace, C2, and mission systems capabilities for global power competition.

Execute: Coordinate sustainment of AFSOC's global cyber systems and enabling infrastructure to satisfy USAF and SOCOM requirements.

- Create software applications that enables the warfighter "anyplace, anytime, anywhere" on a timeline that is relevant to solve problems now.

- Provide persistent deployed mission system support to AFSOC aircraft and C2 centers.

Evolve: Refine processes to streamline contract management, funding, and oversight, executing good stewardship of the command's resources

- Expand mobile device capabilities to as many Air Commandos as possible.

- Provide an interim datalink capacity and interoperability to all AFSOC aircraft.

Personnel and Resources

The 492nd SOACS has more than 305 active duty, civil servant and contract employees and manages the command's second largest service support contract for Command and Control Mission Systems valued at approximately $30 million per year.

Point of Contact

492nd SOW PA Office I 357 Tully St., Hurlburt Field, Fla., 32544-5312 I 850-884-5986 I

Current as of 1 May 2021